September 13, 2015

Muslim Era

The Muslim connection of this area has more than a century’s tale. Muslims at first went there as timber traders or as their laborers.

They came there mostly from Irikkur (a Muslim dominated village in Kannur District) and its surroundings. Laborers, chiefly the Karimpala men, fell huge trees for them which were dragged to the river side by elephants.

The wood thus collected was tied together along with bamboo poles, which was called ‘Pandi’ (raft), and was transported through the river to Valapatanam. The first ever Muslim settler of Manikkadavu, ‘Uchchukka’, came from Nuchiad to settle down here about seventy years ago. The Muslims who came to this area settled mainly near ‘Perumpally.’

The St. Thomas Church in Manikkadavu elevated as a parish on 23 November 1956, and its first vicar was Rev. Fr. Jacob Nedumballi.

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